85,000 lb Chest Workout

An event horizon is a boundary, a type of perimeter that, when crossed, no return is possible.  After the results of this workout were logged the numbers were encouraging.  With my volumes increasing for both back and legs I felt it was time to zero in on my chest.  As a smaller muscle group the poundages were lower, however they need to be a larger contributor to the overall total if the objective of 1,000,000 lbs is going to be accomplished.  That translates into increasing both total weight for the muscle group and total sets, which was the strategy for this workout.  Previously my total for chest was 65K pounds, the increase over that workout was a solid 30% improvement.  Not bad.  In addition to the session total, the maximum weight per rep was increased

while not allowing the rep count to decrease by a significant amount as this type of training is not about increasing one rep maximums, here volume is king.  The largest contributors in this session were the barbell and dumbell bench press at different angles and seated chest flys.

I am mid-way onto the third day and my chest is still sore but slowly recovering with the help of high protein shakes and rest.  I will see how I feel prior to the next chest workout to see if weights can be increased again but for now I am satisfied with the improvement.




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