130,000 lb Chest Workout – Thunderstruck


After reaching 85,000 pounds and suffering through the recovery, it was time to once again evaluate the training triad regarding the volume of training poundages: I.) Can they be raised – is it realistically possible; II.) How can they be raised – increased pounds per rep, increased amount of reps, or a combination of both; and III.) The amount they can be raised – what percentage of the previous high.  After assessing the length of my recovery which was several days but less than a week and lack of injuries I deemed it safe to continue increasing both poundages and volume.   Accordingly, the next workout I was able to increase total workout volume to 112,000 which was a over 30% gain and then to 130,000 lbs a couple of weeks later which was a 50% over my 85K evaluation base.  I was surprising myself with these gains.  Despite this, I was being cautious about injury especially about my wrists, they were under tremendous stress from these poundages both from back and chest workouts, but so far were handling it like champions.  I purchased lifting straps but only used them on the heaviest of exercises.

A New Gym

The crowds at my current gym are getting unbearable and annoying.  There are too many people using the space when I go in the evenings with inevitable result that almost every piece of equipment has someone using it or waiting for it.  When volume training like I do, this is like trying to get on the last life boat for the Titanic, good luck.

In addition, you have people spending too much time texting, talking or leaving their gross sweat on the equipment inconveniencing the next person who has to wipe it off.  Nasty.  Not that their aren’t people like that in most every gym, but as the amount of people increases so do these types of annoyances.  Time to look for a new gym.

There is another local gym nearby, YouFit, which looked promising when I went there for a look and a three day pass, but it was deja vu all over again my first two workouts.  The evenings were crowded, although not quite as bad as my current gym, exacerbated by the fact that they had less floor space and equipment.  I did more internet searching and located a large gym, well equipped, but much further away, however it was on my way home from work by making slight route adjustments.  It is frequented by physique competitors and power-lifters.  I signed up for a month.  They allow photos and videos of your workouts.  The music, in addition to the clientele, are much more hardcore .  Since I focus on what I am doing and not the music I tend to ignore what is playing over the sound system even when the lyrics are not suitable for everyday conversations.  I don’t think Planet Fitness clients would feel comfortable here, but in my mind that is a good thing.  Below is a sample of the type of music played to motivate everyone to greater effort and accomplishment.

My first workout went well, great selection of equipment, very few people around and no waiting!  I will have to see about the evening next but it looks promising.

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2 responses to “130,000 lb Chest Workout – Thunderstruck”

  1. jezreel says:

    How long did it take you to bench the 130k in the workout. How much do you weigh? What is the current million pound record? Do you plan on doing this in one day? Im asking because Im going for 500k in a week this week, but feel like I could do 1 million in a week eventually. What is your goal time frame for the record?


    • admin says:

      Hi, it took me approximately five hours for a combined abs/chest workout. I weigh about 210lbs. I hold the current record at 18.5 hours. In one week I was lifting approximately 800k – 900K lbs before the successful record attempt. Good luck with your workouts.

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