200,000 lb Leg Workout

After increasing my back volume by 25% to 100K lbs it was time to review my leg workout. Previous one session pounds reached 160k including quads, thigh biceps, and calfs, essentially the entire lower muscle complex.  The challenge here was that gym time was increasing along with increased volumes.  Accordingly, legs would have to have their own separate workout now if I didn’t want to spend excessive time in the gym.  I would also include other types of exercises I did not traditionally do such as the glute machine.  Who says its just for women?  When I began using it I thought what a great exercise to strengthen my kicks for martial arts!  A bonus.

With my revised plan the results were promising.  I booked 215,000 lbs at the end of the workout and I could still walk to my car the next day after the soreness set in, which usually takes about 24 hours.  This represents about a 35% increase from previous poundages.  I don’t know if that rate is sustainable each workout, but it is a good foundation for further improvement over the next few months.

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