170,000 lb Back Workout – Going Up!

After crossing the 100K lb barrier a few weeks ago I decided to get on back elevator and push the up button.  The next floors I stopped at were 115K, 130K, and then 170K which translates to a 70% increase in about 5 weeks.  I increased volume across all exercises.

Also, I made a decision to find a new gym since my current one, although convenient, has always been too crowded necessitating longer workouts while I wait for equipment and when the equipment breaks it often takes longer than it should to repair.  In addition, every workout I see people texting or doing other things with their phone when time is at a premium and people are trying to get their workout done. The way I see it, if you are listening to your music and want to change something, that is fine, but it shouldn’t take you several minutes.  Stop texting people while you sit on the equipment.  Just as I do several times during my workout, there are probably others checking to see if that particular piece of equipment is available for their use.  How about being more courteous.

For those of you who are natural bodybuilders like myself, here is a little motivation as to what is possible with dedication, good technique and proper diet without performance enhancing drugs, from Nathan Williams, who competes in the British All Natural Bodybuilding Federation, BNBF.  He has a similar philosophy to myself regarding the maximizing of natural potential.

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