100,000 lb Back Workout

After looking at my training log I decided to push my previous 75k lb personal best to over 100k for my back workout.  This amount of weight is equivalent to my entire full body workout only a couple of months ago.  Of course, it consumed almost my entire workout session just for that, but I did manage to also include some chest and biceps exercises as well just prior to the gym closing for a total volume of 130K lbs.  The session hit the lower, mid and upper muscles of the back using free weights and most of the machines in the gym for that purpose.  One of the fail points is that your grip starts to weaken pulling all that weight, which is why I purchased some lifting straps and gloves with rubber on the palm to assist.

The question on most peoples mind is probably, how did you feel later?  Despite some mid-back minimal soreness the next day, surprisingly well.  Which gives the green light to increase poundages when the next rotation for back arrives.

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