Guinness World Record Application Submitted

My application to obtain a world record for lifting 1,000,000 pounds in a single workout has been filed with the Guinness World Records organization.  If you have doubts about this you can see the application below.

Guinness World Records claims that they inspire people of any age, in any city or country and they want that inspiration to come from reading, watching, listening to and participating in record breaking.

Since my intent is to participate in record breaking, or more accurately to creating a new type of record, I hope that they look favorably upon and approve my application for the following reasons:

  • It is inspiring.  Whether it is watching someone win an Olympic medal or achieve a personal best it is inspiring to others to see barriers be broken.
  • It is unique.  No one has attempted to lift 1,000,000 pounds (453,592 Kilos) in one single workout.

According to Guinness they do not define or recognize success in a conventional or limited way, instead they draw upon the entire range of achievements to help people realize their potential and to re-examine the world.

They validate achievements in the following ways:

  • Integrity: Of their records, assessing claims with objectivity and enthusiasm and free from prejudice or bias.
  • Respect: For the record holders and challengers, their brand, people, business partners and owner.
  • Inclusiveness: They believe in offering record breaking for everyone, everywhere.
  • Passion: In their enthusiasm about records and record holders, their brand, purpose, and their people.

Will they accept my challenge and offer me this opportunity to create a new record?  I expect that they will and I hope they do.  While I wait for their decision I will keep training, so when they approve it, I will be that much closer to the goal.

If you would like to join me on this journey, welcome aboard, its great to have you along.

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